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Hi! My name is Peter Baics; I’m the Founder of Baix & Co., an independent restaurant and F&B operations consultancy; I help businesses grow by introducing new tools and techniques for connecting with the passions and habits of today’s diner.

Baix & Co. bring more than 20 years of collective experience to the F&B industry, having launched and managed dining concepts in Europe, the UK, Australia, Caribbean, and Middle East.

We’re specialized in everything from standalone restaurants, cafes, and restaurant groups to hotel restaurants, and private members clubs, with a variety of international concepts in our repertoire. At Baix & Co. we don’t believe in good restaurants. We believe in crafting superior food service experiences that last.

Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you be the best for your clients and guests; they Identify operational inefficiencies, leverage analytical thinking; and work with you to develop KPIs, operational standards, workflows, and control measures for the new era of hospitality to come.

Our passion and commitment over these years has supplied us with a multitude of relevant skills, which enable us at Baix&Co. to develop and manage food and beverage services and productions in most concept and business settings.

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Sincerely Yours

Peter Baics
Founder + Managing Director
Baix & Co